World's Simplest Generator

2011 May 16

Constructed the world's simplest generator, as per the instructions on William Beaty's site.

Magnet wire was hard to come by, so I just ordered a solenoid, which is a device that produces a magnetic field when an electric current is passed through it. I pried open the solenoid to find hundreds upon hundreds of revolutions of thin magnet wire.

I inevitably wound the wire too tight upon the first attempt, which constricted the movement of the magnets.

I was much more meticulous in making the box a bit wider for the magnets to have some leeway the second time around. I also wound the magnet wire loosely around the box.

The cost breakdown follows:

SourceQuantity Price ($)
Bulb (25 mA)Radio Shack11.49
CardboardUPS packaging1-
MagnetsRadio Shack47.99
NailLocal hardware store10.20
SolanoidElectronic Goldmine12.29
Bulb (25 mA)Radio Shack11.49
Grand Total13.46

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