Week 2 with RS Energy

2011 June 21
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by roma

On the morning of Monday, June 20, I went around houses to talk to homeowners in southeast Portland, around where I live. The overwhelming majority of the people were not home.

In the afternoon, I met up with Koa Hester, who does too many things to name back at the office (calling our leads, setting up areas for us to work in, briefing us before our shifts). We started out canvassing together. Koa listened to my spiel and gave me very valuable pointers. Like some of the other guys in RS, he has been on a Mormon mission, and so has loads of experience in knocking on doors.

It was mostly due to Koa's smarts that we made an appointment with one particular gentleman. I'm gradually understanding how to counter various objections homeowners throw out there and will continue to refine my approach.

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