Volunteering at CityRepair Earth Day Event

2011 April 25
by roma

On Saturday (4/23), I volunteered at an Earth Day event as an official scribe. This involved walking around the festival and documenting what was going on. Since my shift was from 9 to 11 AM, I mainly went around the festival grounds as the action was picking up and spoke to the various exhibitors in attendance.

The most interesting organization I discovered was FreeGeek. FreeGeek recycles and sells computers and parts. They are remarkable because they teach people with no experience how to build computers in return for work. I checked their site and they even have a recycling internship. Given my interest in life cycle analysis, this seems like a great opportunity to get real hands-on experience with the heavy-metals that must be carefully managed after a product has served its function. I will go to the center tomorrow to take a tour and see where I could go from there.

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