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2011 March 12 08:23


I've been reading different books about hip-hop and the role of DJs lately, and it's clear that one of the things that makes a tune have flow, be danceable is syncopation. Syncopation is hard to define, but generally it's placing a strong beat where the listener wouldn't anticipate it.

I want to use the guitar to express a versatile array of sounds, and also to make music that's danceable, so I'm experimenting with syncopation.

Played around with syncopated bassline intro to Just the Way You Are:

Steve Savage in The Rhythm Book recommends that you always know which beat you're on. I found this to be important as I was playing the above. When I'm playing the same pattern, it's easy to avoid thinking about where in the measure I am just because I can play it correctly by sound. But when I want to switch the rhythm up, playing by sound confuses my brain - and so I need to be aware of exactly which beat I'm on at any given moment.

I think that continuing to practice different rhythms and being conscious of where in the measure I am will help me come up with more interesting, syncopated lines.