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2011 August 14 23:22
by roma

Fulltime Job with SolarCity

The goal of the main section of the blog has been to document my breaking into the solar industry in Portland. 

As of tomorrow, I am SolarCity's full-time Field Energy Advisor in Portland.  SolarCity is the largest solar installation company in the US. It is the company that will help further drive down costs and make solar accessible to even more consumers nationwide.

For the next week, I will be in training at SolarCity's headquarters in San Mateo, California.  Upon my return to Portland, I will be talking with customers at various Home Depot stores about Solarcity products.  Additionally, I will be educating Home Depot employees about SolarCity services so that they can sell these to customers.

Friday was my last day at RS Energy. Working there was fun!  Thanks Koa, David, Billy, Michael, Chet, Jason, Cathy, Ari and my wonderful fellow Russians, Masha and Eila!

In a sense, stage one of my mission has been completed.  As such, I will probably scale back my blog posts, especially in light of the fact that I signed confidentiality agreements with SolarCity.

Then again there is still so much to learn about solar and about sales.  The journey has only begun. 
I will write about the direction the blog takes in the coming weeks, after settling into my new job.