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2011 September 1 09:39
by roma

Grounding and Results of NABCEP Exam

I finally came back from training at SolarCity's headquarters in the Bay Area. One thing that was waiting for me in the mail were the passing results of the NABCEP Photovoltaic Entry Level Exam.

My joy of passing lasted briefly. I spent two days observing and helping out a little bit with an installation. Reading about installations on paper and then seeing professionals install efficiently in real life are quite different things. I got thoroughly confused by the electrical aspect of the job, especially grounding!

Riley and Dan handling the modules that I handed over to them from the ground

Thank you, Crater Crew!

2011 July 13 12:27
by roma

Impressions from NABCEP Exam

About a month after the course in Las Vegas, I finally took the NABCEP Entry-level PV course this morning. The test was conducted by ProMetrics, an independent testing company, at a facility in NE Portland.

The test was wholly computer-based and lasted for 2 hours.

The good news is that some of the questions on the test were taken straight from the manual we received at the course written by Ken Thames.

Throughout the 3-day course, Ken devoted a lot of attention to the technical aspects of grounding, conductor ampacity and battery-based systems. I think this reflects what one truly needs to know when designing or installing a system.

The 60-question course did not cover any specific topic in depth, however. There were fewer math problem questions and more general knowledge questions than I had anticipated. As a result, I didn't know some material because we did not focus on it during the course. For example, I did not know what a pyranometer is used for.

The test results will be available in 4-6 weeks.

2011 May 30 17:16

Public Speaking and Other Current Events

The Toastmatsers Ice-Breaker speech last Wednesday went very well. Time flew, so I had to cut out some material, which broke the flow of the speech a little bit. I received positive and useful feedback from other members. One thing I need to focus on is maintaining eye contact with the audience.

I also noticed that making the Crazy Kanji videos is good public speaking practice. I'm usually not able to make a good episode in one take because of various stumbles. Since I'm in a relaxed environment, I'm able to make note of what I need to work on and practice it right then and there.

I have also been working on the dye-solar cell project and studying for the NABCEP exam. On Thursday, I met with Jordan Weisman of FutureCitySolar to chat about his plans and how I can potentially help.

2011 May 22 19:18
by roma

NABCEP Preparation, Toastmasters Ice-Breaker

All this week, I have been going through Heatspring Institute's Solar PV Installer Boot Camp Training. Most of the preparation material is from the Photovoltaic Systems textbook by James P. Dunlop. The book is over 400 pages, so one of the values of the course is that it focuses on the important concepts, only. If it wasn't for that, it would be quite hard for me to identify the crucial topics, as I usually tend to rely on the side of over-learning.

I've also been working on my Ice-Breaker speech for Toastmasters. I will present this speech on May 25th. There are so many things to choose from in my life that the hardest part is deciding on what not to include. I am reminded of Garr Reynolds' focus on the importance of simplicity in Presentation Zen.