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2011 July 10 17:32
by roma

Berry-Powered Solar Cells

On May 27, 2011, Fievel of and I measured a potential of 0.3 V across a dye-solar cell. We had been working on the project, which involves dyeing a solar cell with blackberries, for the past couple of months.

The Making of a Dye-Solar Cell


2011 May 30 17:16

Public Speaking and Other Current Events

The Toastmatsers Ice-Breaker speech last Wednesday went very well. Time flew, so I had to cut out some material, which broke the flow of the speech a little bit. I received positive and useful feedback from other members. One thing I need to focus on is maintaining eye contact with the audience.

I also noticed that making the Crazy Kanji videos is good public speaking practice. I'm usually not able to make a good episode in one take because of various stumbles. Since I'm in a relaxed environment, I'm able to make note of what I need to work on and practice it right then and there.

I have also been working on the dye-solar cell project and studying for the NABCEP exam. On Thursday, I met with Jordan Weisman of FutureCitySolar to chat about his plans and how I can potentially help.

2011 May 13 23:20
by roma

Government Represents! and Beet-Powered Solar Cells

Portland Connect Meeting

In the morning, I went to a networking event downtown and met some interesting new people.

Dye-Solar Cells

I've been collaborating on a project to build dye-solar cells with Fievel of The cool thing about dye solar cells is that the titania anode is stained with a natural dye, which is actually responsible for absorbing the visible light. We are considering using beet juice.

Fievel ordered the necessary and not-so-cheap supplies from Solaronix in Switzerland. Today, I went over to his house to start on the project. We drilled 3 mm holes in glass for the purpose of pumping iodine electrolyte between the anode and the cathode after they have been sealed. Additionally, we discussed the roadmap for the project.

Pleasant Surprise

After the Solar Rally at the State Capitol on May 10, I visited the office of Jules Bailey, my district's representative. He wasn't there, so I left him a note expressing my hope that he will support incentives for Oregon's solar industry.

Today, I got a letter in the mail: