Say Uhh!

2011 October 19
by roma

Wow, so this is what happens when you get a full-time job: no post for a month and a half.

I've been recently focusing on improving my public-speaking skills. Presentations to various Home Depot employees have started to and will continue to make me step my public-speaking game up. Currently, I'm focusing on getting rid of filler words, as well as establishing a nice pace in my speeches.

I suspect that one reason why I tend to use so many filler words when speaking in front of people is that I simply don't have that much experience speaking in front of people. I've got in the habit of inserting these filler words in-between words as I'm scrambling for what to say. This is exacerbated by the fact that I know 3 languages. Over the years, I've diverted lots of attention to Russian and Japanese. This has resulted in a bit of a mess in my hed (or as a "kasha", as it's said in Russia). Now's the time to focus more on English. Weekly attendance at Toastmasters meetings is helping me with this.

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