The Musician's Way

A little less than a year ago, I had a crisis in my relationships towards music. I had massacred a piece that I love (Rick Foster arrangement of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot) at a gig in Japan. It was technically a bit beyond my level and I blanked while playing from memory. I had such great support from my friends at that concert:

Beyond words!

I felt guilty after the concert because I didn't play well. I hit Amazon for books to help and bought Gerald Klickstein’s The Musician’s Way. This book has helped me in my musical journey tremendously.

The first thing Klickstein talks about is dividing practice material into 5 zones. So it is important to practice concert-ready material, developing material, technique and then what he calls musicianship (sight-reading and improvisation).

I’ve known for quite some time that if I focus only on material that’s ready, other aspects will suffer. The problem is consistently practicing material in the 5 zones.

Klickstein has a wealth of other advice. The sections on fearless performance, unmasking performance anxiety and practicing deeply have helped me a lot. I refer occasionally to The Musician's Way in my posts.

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