Reading Studies for Guitar

One of my goals is to be able to sightread guitar music. I want to do this because it's fun to play music you've never heard before, and also because I believe it allows me to approach true mastery of the instrument. Playing sheet music for guitar ideally will expose me to an array of musical ideas, guitar tricks, sounds that I wouldn't otherwise be exposed to through popular music or wouldn't come up with myself. The guitar's been around for a while so why re-invent the wheel?

So, I found William Leavitt's Reading Studies for Guitar, which is a collection of etudes in positions 1-8 in all keys. In the preface, Leavitt recommends playing with a metronome and never straying from the rhythm, no matter how many mistakes there are.

I like the single-line etudes that Leavitt has, but he also has quite challenging chord-heavy pieces. I don't have enough experience sight-reading chords (yet).

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