Public Speaking and Other Current Events

2011 May 30

The Toastmatsers Ice-Breaker speech last Wednesday went very well. Time flew, so I had to cut out some material, which broke the flow of the speech a little bit. I received positive and useful feedback from other members. One thing I need to focus on is maintaining eye contact with the audience.

I also noticed that making the Crazy Kanji videos is good public speaking practice. I'm usually not able to make a good episode in one take because of various stumbles. Since I'm in a relaxed environment, I'm able to make note of what I need to work on and practice it right then and there.

I have also been working on the dye-solar cell project and studying for the NABCEP exam. On Thursday, I met with Jordan Weisman of FutureCitySolar to chat about his plans and how I can potentially help.

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