Phoenix Rising

2013 November 22
by roma

I dedicate the resurrection of this blog to the thousands of people who perished on November 8, 2013 in the Philippines and especially to Yeb Sano, the Philippines representative to the UN Climate Talks in Warsaw Poland, who is currently on hunger strike.

It has been a long time since I’ve done anything with this blog. Yet, I’m certainly glad I’ve kept it. Much has happened in the nearly 2 years since the last post.

Most notably, I have stopped working for SolarCity. I discovered that I still remember Japanese (went to attend my best Japanese friend Yachiyo’s wedding recently). And I realized that I have it in me to do something extraordinary. The explanation follows.

Even though I’ve been in the epicenter of fighting global warming by bringing clean energy to the Oregon masses for the past 2.5 years, I’ve still maintained interest in progressive economic ideas.
I’ve used the free time I’ve recently acquired to refamiliarize myself with global economics and environmental trends and thoughts. It has become clear to me that global warming is merely a symptom of a much larger affliction.

Our global financial system is based on a model that is fundamentally flawed. Yes, folks, can you imagine that the same system that brought us such joys as the mortgage-backed security debacle and the bank bailout is flawed?

Traditional economic theory fails to recognize that the economy is a SUBSET of our global biosphere. According to neo-classical growth economics, an economy MUST keep growing in order to sustain itself. The truth is that our world economy cannot grow past the limits of our biosphere. I have come to the conclusion that things do not have to be this way. We can change the economic system. Stay tuned for posts detailing exactly we can do this!

I feel blessed to have been exposed to these ideas and feel it is my duty to write about them. As it turns out, most common people do not know how the financial system works. My intent is to teach people about our financial system, offer an alternative and help get a public discussion going. There is currently plenty of interest in this subject.

My ongoing involvement with Toastmasters will help me in teaching people and giving presentations. This blog will in turn flesh out the theory behind the idea of how we can shift to an economy that adheres to physical laws!

Traditional economic principles are entrenched and proposing any change is controversial. Altering the economic system is a long-term endeavor. I’ve recently been inspired by John Lewis, the US Civil Rights leader, who was a proponent of non-violent means to achieve change in society.

Despite setbacks throughout a period of 10 years where he endured beatings and jail-time during non-violent protests, John Lewis did not compromise his principles:

I was devastated, but I was not despondent. I refused to let myself become bitter. I’ve always refused to do that. I can get angry – I have gotten angry many, many times in my life – but I never let my anger overwhelm me. I made up my mind a long time ago that I would not let bitterness and hate engulf me, which they so easily can. When I first go involved in the movement as a teenager, I recognized that this struggle was going to be long, hard and tedious, and that I would have to pace myself and be patient where necessary, while continuing to push and push and push, no matter what.
John Lewis, Walking with the Wind, p. 284

The struggle for civil rights was extremely difficult and dangerous, but starkly different than the endeavor to change our economic system. I hope John Lewis’ courage and commitment to principles give me courage to be strong!

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