NW Solar Expo - Friday

2011 April 29
by roma

I volunteered at Expo's information desk after returning from SolarWorld. Quite a bit of networking. I got to see some people I had met before. Chance Currington from SunLightSolar gave me some excellent advice about networking and strategies for learning more about the industry. I also saw Matt Lind from Advanced Energy Systems, whom I met two weeks before at the FutureEnergy Conference. I met some other folks with whom I had interesting discussions.

The exhibitors were mainly solar module, inverter and rack manufacturers, local and regional contractors, roofing companies, and data companies. I'm struck by the absence of Asian PV manufacturers. No Chinese and Japanese companies? Interesting.

I'm volunteering at the Expo again tomorrow and Sunday.

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  1. Mac permalink
    May 5, 2011

    Roma: Thank you for volunteering at the NW Solar Expo ... it is because of people like you that this conference has been getting better each and every year. BTW - Chinese module mfg NESL did have a booth on the exhibit floor ... maybe you didn't realize they are a Chinese company.

  2. roma permalink*
    May 5, 2011

    Mac, thank you for the correction. I didn't in fact realize that NESL is a Chinese company.

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