NW Solar Expo and FreeGeek

2011 April 26
by roma

Attended this session, hosted by Mr. Sun Solar president John Patterson, as well as a session about how to get into the solar industry hosted by Erik Westerholm of Lane Community College. Main takeaway - I should have registered for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Entry-Level course taking place in the adjacent room at the same time (it was filled up when I realized I should have registered for it last week). It's unclear what the next time I'll be able to take this course in the region will be. Perhaps it's just meant to be. Impetus to study independently harder! I mean smarter.

I did make some great contacts.

I took a tour of the FreeGeek facilities in the afternoon. The shop floor was full of energy, with people disassembling electronic components in one area, and assembling computers in another. I liked it!

Right now, I'm brushing up on chemistry so that I can understand exactly how PV cells work. Additionally, Greg of andthenbam.com and I plan on building a dye-solar cell, and I need to have a pretty clear understanding of photochemistry before we actually embark on that project. Once I have a clear timeline for that, I'll start FreeGeek's Build Program, in which students are taught how to build a computer.

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