Future Energy Conference and SolarDrinks

2011 April 13
by roma

I've been busy volunteering at and attending the FutureEnergy Conference. Monday was orientation. Yesterday I volunteered from early in the morning to early in the afternoon, and then attended two sessions followed by a cocktail hour. People from all the different businesses of the renewable energy industry were at the conference. I had some great conversations and learned that I've got a lot of reading to do. I had a great conversation with Frank, a landscape architect, during the cocktail reception, and he mentioned that his company uses GIS to assess the solar potential of a site. I gotta get back on reviewing GIS.

I then biked to Alberta Street and attended a SolarDrinks networking event. Again, lots of great conversations and contacts.

Sean from Million Monarchs and I talked briefly about his project and I mentioned industrial ecology, which excited him. It dawned on me that becoming familiar with LCA software and methodology may make me stand out from the crowd. After all, the solar industry is up and running, but it doesn't seem like companies are designing panels with disassembly in mind (then again, I don't know anything about that yet).

This morning (Wednesday) I attended a FutureEnergy conference session on solar.

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