DC Electricity Review

2011 May 4
by roma

One of the most important things in making sure that information is retained is to review it after learning. I got electricity down last week quite well, but haven't done a thorough review. So I decided to do the DC electricity test in Gibilisco's Demystifying Electricity.

The answer to the following problem (pg. 99) was e.

Seems to me like we may actually be able to figure this out:

E1 = (.07 A)(100 Ohms)
= 7 V

E2 = (.1 A) (100 Ohms) = 10 V

Etot = 10 V + 7 V = 17 Volts

We know that the resistances of I3 and I4 are equal. The voltage will be split in two, and so the currents should be equal as well.

V3 = V4 = 17 V/2 = 8.5 V

I3 = I4 = (8.5 V) / (100 Ohms) = 0.085 A

I've posted this question on openstudy.com for help.

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