Conversations with Greg Hartle Part II

2011 April 1
by roma

I was very lucky in that Greg ( stayed a couple of days at our house. I was able to have a thorough discussion based on follow-up questions from the previous conversation.

I decided that I will get a full-time job in the renewable energy industry and pursue my music passion on the side. Greg addressed the method of managing the work-life balance. He also explained how to go about breaking into an industry.

My last concern was how I was going to maintain my guitar ambitions while looking for work. The answer goes back to focus and daily consistent behavior. So, if my goal is to get a job, I should be spending 95% of my time doing things to achieve that goal. That means giving up time devoted to the guitar. This made me uneasy at first, because it reminded me of all the times that I've put my guitar progress on hiatus, only to come back and regret that I at least didn't maintain what I had learned before.

Going from that, I decided that I can allocate 20 minutes to guitar practice everyday. That time should be enough for me to maintain my current level and repertoire. The rest is just figuring out the breakdown of things I can practice in that time span. From here on, my guitar-related posts will be in the Guitar Practice section.

The home section will be devoted to renewable energy. Let's do this!

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