This section is devoted to my goal of improving sightreading. It includes videos and recordings of me sightreading pieces. Occasionally, I post my thoughts on sightreading. Many of the pieces were at first from a guitar compilation by Jean-François Delcamp, downloaded from The Classical Guitar Forum. However, I anticipate the sightreading sources to expand.

2011 March 29 19:49
by roma

Yesterday, I met with Brenda, who I had met last week at an open mic. We chatted about music and life at her house and sightread many exciting pieces. She had lots of Brazilian sheet music (choro), as well as music from the Balkans (with odd time signatures). This was a tremendously productive sightreading session.

Two major observations:

1. I cannot sightread with free stroke. I don't know why yet - perhaps I'm not confident enough in knowing my right hand position.

2. I was under the impression that I need to focus on developing sightreading chops in different positions. Most of the pieces in yesterday's session, however, could easily be played in open and 1-2nd positions without sacrificing anything. And yet I couldn't do even that too well. Need to narrow focus.

2011 March 20 00:08
by roma

Torneo (Gaspar Sanz)

2011 March 18 23:17
by roma

Carnet De Notes (Jean-Francois Delcamp)

Delcamp Vol. II pg. 66

2011 March 14 23:16
by roma

Red River Valley (Anonymous)

Delcamp Vol. II pg. 65

2011 March 12 17:17
by roma

Ejercicio No. 6 (José Ferrer Y Esteve)

Delcamp Vol. II pg. 61