open mic

2011 March 23 21:12
by roma

Performance Evaluation:

Played at an open mic at Eugenio's, a restaurant/bar on Division street, not far from where I live. Really great vibe here. Met Eugene, the owner and chatted with Mike, who was celebrating his birthday.

Right from the start, I got this feeling that I was going to forget the music. That's because I haven't deliberately practiced imaging ahead in a long while. Did this today after the performance. As a result, I messed up the first ending of Part B of Estrellita.

My fingers didn't feel like they were in control right from the start of the piece. Life wasn't in them, and this prevented me from maintaining a steady rhythm. I was just nervous and didn't convince myself to let go and just embody the music. Though I tapped my foot, I still speeded up during Part B.

Nothing On You
This sounded solid. Good, steady rhythm and clean guitar sound.

Overall impression: I enjoyed playing Nothing On You, but my nervousness carried through in the music in Estrellita and especially in Pica-Pica.

I made sure to tap my foot, but I didn't properly get into the feel of the tune. I didn't feel the music before starting.

After the performance, a lady named Brenda complimented me on my playing and said she was looking for people to sightread music. She plays cello and violin. This is EXACTLY the type of person I wanted to find for sightreading regularly. Let's see what happens.