My name is Roma, welcome!

This blog documents my ideas and analysis of a steady-state economy, as well as the endeavor to educate the public about how we can create an economy and society that serves us better.

When I dissect economic theory, I will attempt to write in an objective mannner with the intent of presenting a balanced analysis of the issues. At the same time, I recognize that I have preconceived biases that will probably reveal their nature.

I have been blessed with the understanding that we as a world have a problem and the optimism to know that we can still do something about it! I owe a lot to the experts who have influenced me. I describe these influences in the Resources section.

I’ve devoted quite a bit of my free time in the past 3 years to honing my public speaking and leaderships skills thru Toastmasters International. Since my goal is to spread my ideas to people and be a change agent, the Public Speaking section of this site will highlight speaking engagemets in audio/video format, as well as my thoughts on this matter. If you’d like me to give a talk, please contact me.

A little bit about me: I was born in Moscow, Russia, grew up in NYC and have lived in Portland, OR for the past 3 years. My previous job was as a sales consultant at SolarCity, America’s leading solar energy company, where I did my small share to curb global warming emissions. I am currently applying to grad school in order to study data analytics. Smart grids, one of the key elements to shifting to a low-carbon economy, will produce copious amounts of data, which will require specialists to interpret.

I’ve lived in Japan for 2 years and can speak Japanese.

I am in an exciting phase of my life and look forward to sharing my ideas about economics, the environment and data analytics with the world!

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  1. April 1, 2011

    Roma, you r outstanding !!! ))))))))))) Keep forward !

    • roma permalink*
      April 1, 2011

      Thank you! You've got the inaugural comment on this website 🙂

  2. April 4, 2011

    You're a freakin Rockstar Roma! Very cool..

  3. Navagir permalink
    May 23, 2015

    Zdaravstvuyte Roman. Vi govorite po russki? Ya economist. Mena mnogiye godi volnuet vopros narodnoy economici. Budu priznatalen za bolee podrobnoye obsheniye po dannou teme i teme solnechnix sistem.

    • roma permalink*
      September 2, 2015

      Здравствуйте. Да с удовольствием пообщаюсь с Вами на тему эконимики и солнечных систем. Я напишу Вам на Вашу электронную почту.


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