2011 March 17
by roma

Interval Review:

Reviewed yesterday's and added 10 new cards.

Fretboard Review:

At 8 frets.
91 correct, 3 incorrect (96%) @ in 2.5 minutes.


Page numbers refer to Pumping Nylon
Finger-stretching exercise - 1st position.

String Walking exercise (pg. 37) i, m @ 110 bpm. At bridge @ 95 bpm.
m, l @ 89 bpm free
Rest stroke @ 85.
String-Jumping 1st string to 5th string, 2nd string to 6th string @ 88 bpm

Right-Hand Velocity (pg. 63) with sixteenth notes @ 110 bpm rest & free.
l, m @95 bpm rest & free
i, l @ 91 bpm

Synchronization Exercise (pg. 65) with i,m sixteenth notes 95 bpm.
l, m @ 85 bpm

Putting it all together (p. 67) @ 95 with i, m.
@ 72 bpm l, m rest stroke

Scale Rhythmic Variation (p. 68) @ 105 bpm i, m
@ 77 bpm l, m

Played etude @ 75 bpm with i, m.

Speed Burst (pg. 69) 2G @ 90 bpm. There are so many different variations here that it's easy to get confused. As a result, I will focus just on this exercise and increase speed gradually.

Percussive Exercise
Played Nothing on You rhythm @ 97.


Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)
Practiced position switch between 8th position and 12th position @ 75 bpm (finale) - slowed it down even more.

Samba Caribe
Measure 15-16 of Part B does not sound good. The position jump from measures 14 to 15 is especially hard. I've tentatively identified this as a finger-stretching problem. Need to keep playing finger-stretching exercises.

More Than Words
Continued to study the chord progression.

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