2011 March 17
by roma

Interval Review:

Reviewed from day before yesterday and added 10 new cards (turns out I hadn't added all of the cards yet).

Fretboard Review:

At 8 frets.
77 correct, 0 incorrect (100%) @ in 2 minutes.
Good job.


Page numbers refer to Pumping Nylon
Finger-stretching exercise - 1st position.

Percussive Exercise
Played Nothing on You rhythm @ 95.


Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)
Practiced position switch between 8th position and 12th position @ 80 bpm (finale) - still difficult

Samba Caribe
Part A measure 13-14 @ 65 bpm. Sounded good.

More Than Words
Played part A while counting like during the previous practice session. Studied just one further bar into the song, where the progression goes from V to vi. Entered this progression as a card into my chord progressions Anki deck.

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