2011 March 14
by roma

Interval Review:

I moved yesterday so didn't have a chance to review yesterday. As a result, 76 cards piled up for review and it took quite a long time to review them. I pretty much forgot the cards that I added last. Ah, if it weren't for the Anki, I would've been overwhelmed.

Fretboard Review:

At 7 frets.
85 correct, 2 incorrect (97%) @ in 2 minutes.
Expand to 8 frets tomorrow.


Page numbers refer to Pumping Nylon
Finger-stretching exercise - 1st position.

Stringwalking exercise (Pumping Nylon pg. 37) i, m @ 110 bpm. Near bridge at same speed. Very good
Stringwalking exercise filed nails yesterday, just a tad too short. Had to step down to 89 bpm m, l rest and free
String-Jumping 1st string to 5th string, 2nd string to 6th string @ 92 bpm

Scale Rhythmic Variation
Played etude @ 95 bpm with i, m.

Percussive Exercise
Played Nothing on You rhythm @ 93. Sounds tight!


Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)
Switch between 8th position and 12th position (finale) is difficult
Practiced switch between 8th position and 12th position (finale) @ 90 bpm.

Samba Caribe
Part A measure 13-14 @ 65 bpm. Sounded good.

Played once through. Didn't think too much about the quality of the performance and was able to focus on the spirit of the music. But, of course, neither the camera nor the mic were on...

More Than Words
This is a new piece in my repertoire by a group called Extreme. I like it because of the syncopated chord lines, the tapping of the strings, and the melodic male voices (quite rare in pop music). Also not so common is the 2/4 time signature.

I loaded it up in Transcribe and went through the first 8 measures that start in the intro and then continue unchanged into the first verse. In order to really get a feel for the structure and the syncopation, I wrote out the measures and the relevant chord changes. Then I played while counting.

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