2011 March 12
by roma

Interval Review:

Reviewed yesterday’s intervals and new cards. Looks like all the new cards have been added. The way I planned it, I was gonna move onto re-learning simple triad shapes all over the neck.

Fretboard Review:

Set at 7 frets.
77 correct, 3 incorrect (96%) @ in 2 minutes.


Page numbers refer to Pumping Nylon
Finger-stretching exercise - 1st position.

Stringwalking exercise (Pumping Nylon pg. 37) i, m @ 110 bpm. Near bridge at 95 bpm.
Stringwalking exercise filed nails yesterday, just a tad too short. Had to step down to 87 bpm m, l rest and free
String-Jumping 1st string to 5th string, 2nd string to 6th string @ 92 bpm

Right-Hand Velocity (pg. 63) with sixteenth notes @ 110 bpm rest & free.
l, m @97 bpm rest & free
i, l @ 95 bpm

Synchronization Exercise (Pumping Nylon pg. 65) with i,m sixteenth notes 96 bpm.
l, m @ 85 bpm

Scale Rhythmic Variation
Played etude @ 90 bpm with i, m.

Percussive Exercise
Played Nothing on You rhythm @ 90. Sounds tight!


Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)
Practiced switch between 8th position and 12th position (finale) @ 90 bpm.

Samba Caribe
Part A measure 13-14 @ 65 bpm is now fine. But there are persistent problems with getting the rhythm down in part Part B. Slowed down to 55 bpm and practiced. This piece is definitely in the developing material zone. Really need to work out the kinks.

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