2011 March 12
by roma

Interval Review:

Reviewed yesterday’s intervals and new cards. Just a couple of days and all the cards will be added.


Page numbers refer to Pumping Nylon
Finger-stretching exercise - 1st position.

Stringwalking exercise (Pumping Nylon pg. 37) i, m @ 110 bpm. Near bridge at 95 bpm.
Stringwalking exercise with m, l with eight notes @ 93 bpm rest and free
String-Jumping 1st string to 5th string, 2nd string to 6th string @ 90 bpm

Right-Hand Velocity (pg. 63) with sixteenth notes @ 110 bpm rest & free.
l, m @97 bpm rest & free
i, l @ 95 bpm

Synchronization Exercise (Pumping Nylon pg. 65) with i,m sixteenth notes 95 bpm.
l, m @ 85 bpm

Putting it all together p. 67 Exercise - @ 80 with i, m.
@ 75 bpm l, m rest stroke

Scale Rhythmic Variation p. 68 @ 100 bpm i, m
@ 80 bpm l, m

Played etude @ 84 bpm with i, m.

Percussive Exercise
Played Nothing on You rhythm @ 90. Sounds tight!


Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)
Practiced @ 90 bpm. Pretty much ready to video this for showcasing to potential singers.
In the following, I have the metronome on silent, and am really concentrating on trying keep to it.

I figured out an arrangement for the song's finale. It wasn't 100% satisfied because the arpeggiation is quite simple. But then I was playing around with it and realized that allowed the acoustic guitar to express its dynamic capabilities. Here's a video of just this finale and me toying with different dynamic ideas.


It was hard for me to feel the essence of the composition. My mind kept wandering.

While watching the above video, I was struck by how close to the bridge my right hand was. After all, this is supposed to be a very mellow piece. When I'm play, I tend to think I'm closer to the soundhole than I actually am. So I decided to make another video - this time I would control myself consciously and play over the soundhole.

Samba Caribe
Part A measure 13-14 @ 65 bpm. Recorded. Comments are in the video.

Na Gafieira Do Vidigal
Played once through. Need to get back in earnest to this piece (didn't record).

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